Why does MK11 need a DC supervillain as DLC character

Mohammad-Ali A'RÂBI
3 min readMay 22, 2019


I remember the time when Midway was advertising MK vs DC. I was an MK fan and knew very little of DC. I didn’t even know there was something called DC. I just knew Marvel, and was a fan of X-Men. Of DC, I just knew Batman and Superman, and even Joker was pretty new. I hardly knew Catwoman, and I did not know any of Wonder Woman, or Captain Marvel, or Flash, or Darkseid. MK vs DC was the very reason I discovered DC, and realized what a fantastic universe it is, and how much more quality and deepness it has, comparing to Marvel.

Now 10 years has passed since that time, and I am a very hardcore DC fan. I have watched tones of DC animations and animated series since. I have played all the Batman and Injustice games. And I have read a book on 75 years of DC history.

Weakness of MK vs DC

MK vs DC was a good game bringing the fans of both realms together. It had a good story, and a reason for existing. The storyline explains why the two worlds did collide, and it made perfect sense that characters from each realm are suspicious about the others. Comparing to the Marvel vs Capcom games for example, where the characters are not from the same worlds, and the story does not explain why all of the sudden all these people are fighting on the same side, I believe Midway did a great job.

The only downside of MK vs DC was violence. MK characters are extremely violent and aggressive, but almost all DC characters have a no-killing code. A good example is the Injustice franchise, where Superman kills one guy, and all the hell breaks loose. These people don’t mutilate and divide others into pieces. And this is the main reason MK fans where unhappy with MK vs DC; they had to reduce the overall violence to make a balance.

MK in DC vs DC in MK

Violence is the main reason why we have had no DC guests in MK games since the reboot. But we did have MK guest characters in Injustice games. Injustice fans won’t mind if Scorpion doesn’t burn his opponent alive, and make a döner kebab out of it. But if you invite Batman to an MK game, he needs to do at least two fatalities, and of course his moral code won’t allow him kill anyone, even his worst enemies, let alone slaughtering Cassie Cage and selling the pieces to the local butchery.

The other downside of having Batman in Mortal Kombat, is that Scorpion can split him in half, and Baraka can remove his brain and eat it for breakfast. No DC fan, especially of minor age, wan’t to see their badass dark hero die in such a miserable way.

MK version of Doctor Fate is called Doctor Fatality.

But these are only the case if you have a DC superhero as a guest to an MK game. We have pretty violent and ruthless DC characters that fit in the standards of an MK character. Joker beat Jason Todd to death with a crowbar. DeathStroke won’t mind splitting people in half. And Dead-Shot is a hired gun. And I bet no one would mind seeing Joker split in half, his left half-face floating to right of his right half-face.


This is why we need a DC supervillain in MK. They can be violent and cruel, and we can still trade the fans of the two franchise.



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